The Cotton Club
"First and foremost in bringing Broadway to Harlem.. and Harlem to Broadway."

Cotton Club Menu The first Cotton Club revue was in 1923. There were two new fast paced revues produced a year for at least 16 years. The earliest shows were staged by Lew Leslie, famous for his "Blackbird" series. Some of the songwriters who contributed material to the Cotton Club Revues were Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh, Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler. The Duke Ellington Orchestra was the "house" orchestra for a number of years followed by Cab Calloway. The revues featured glamorous dancing girls, acclaimed tap dancers, vaudeville performers, and comics. All the white world came to Harlem to see the show.

Let's take a tour through that time with sheet music covers from my collection that feature the music of the Cotton Club.

The Cotton Club Parades

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