Jazz Fun Facts


Jazz and Vaudeville
The comic that introduced jazz to Chicago.

Americans meet the Sphinx
The story of the Sphinx and King Tut and their effect on American popular music.

Jazz by States
Find early jazz musicians by where they were born.

Jazz by Instruments
Did where you were born determine what instrument you would play?

The Saxophone
In the beginning...a vaudeville instrument

Early Jazz Musicians
Who was good and how can I get a copy of it.

Jimmy McHugh
He wrote so many hits during the Twenties, Thirties and Forties.

Dancin' To Jazz
Jazz always meant dance, here's some you'll remember

Jazz Pictures
Old jazzy sheet music with fun facts

Jazz on the Lake
Songs born out of the fun at Lake Pontchartrain

Jazz the word
There are many theories and here are some of them.

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