Rufe Johnson's Harmony Band Lyrics


Words & Music by Shelton Brooks and Maurice Abrahams

Rufe Johnson leads a band
He's one grand man,
Down in Savanah,
Down in Savanah;
He really can't be beat-
Plays ragtime music sweet,
Down in Savannah G A.

When they parade each holiday,
You'll hear the people say.

Here they come,
Just listen to that Drum,
Boy ain't he beatin some,
He's going rump, rump, rump, rump,
Listen to that doggone Flute
Root-te-toot, toot-te-toot,
say Hon, ain't that Trombone moaning,
hear it groan, list-ten to that old Cornet
It's played by that leader man,
He's got a world wide reputation
For playing syncopation,
Old Rufus Johnson's Harmony Band

When he comes down the street-
The people shake their feet,
They all keep swaying,
While Rufe is playing;
Old Rufe can't read a note
But he will get your goat,
When he plays 'Man-ci-pa-tion Day

The horses and mules - they act like fools,
You almost here them say,

repeat chorus

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