Shelton Brooks
All recorded in New York City

Matrix # - Title - Date - Recording Company & #
Comedy sketches with supporting company & orch.
62469-1 Untitled Nov. 1, 1918 Columbia Test
7870-A Lost Your Mind May 1921 OKeh 4340
Humerous sketches with supporting company
7874-B Darktown Court Room May 1921 OKeh 4426
7878-A Murder in the First Degree May 1921 OKeh 4340
70808-B The Chicken Thieves August 1922 OKeh 4682
70813-B Collecting Rents August 1922 OKeh 4682
70845-A Back-Biting Sept. 1922 Okeh 4776
71177-B Not Tonight Jan.17, 1923 OKeh 4776
71259-B The Family Quarrel Feb. 1923 OKeh 4798
71270-A The Third Degree Feb. 1923
Vocal with Orchestra
71320-B When the Dixie Sun Goes Down March 1923 OKeh 4823
71321-A It Takes Money To Cure My Blues March 1923
Vocal Duets with Sara Martin, acc. by own piano
71400-B I Got What It Takes To Bring You Back April 1923 OKeh 8062
71401-B Original Blues OKeh 8062
Humorous Sketches With Supporting Company
72042-B The New Darktown Judge November 1923 OKeh 4996
72043-A-B Then I'll Go In That Lion's Den
72527-B The Old Veterans May 1924 OKeh 40137
72528-B Buddies
72956-A You Got To Go Nov. 5, 1924 OKeh 40232
72597-B That's Enough Nov. 5, 1924
Pot of Gold Jan. 1925 OKeh 40274
You'll Be A Cousin Shy
73167-B Barbershop Four Feb. 1925 OKeh 40334
73215-B Lodge Meeting March 1925 OKeh 40334
Humorous Sketches With Supporting Company
Spiritualism April 1925(?) OKeh 40385
Work Don't Bother Me
73824-A The New Professor Dec. 10, 1925 OKeh 40528
73825-A Jail Birds
74053-A The Fortune Teller March 1926 OKeh 40605
74054-A Domestic Troubles
Vocal accompanied by own piano
80135-A When You're Really Blue Sept. 23, 1926 OKeh 40697
Par R-3259
80136-A You Sure Are One Sick Man
Monologues, accompanied by own piano
400790-A-B Hard Times Jun. 15, 1928 Okeh rejected
400791-A-B Last Night

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