Some Stories About Shelton Brooks

Shelton & Louis Armstrong
Shelton and Louis Armstrong were good friends since they met in a Chicago cabaret in the Twenties. He said that he had been thrilled to hear Louis perform his composition "Darktown Strutter's Ball" around that time. "What he doesn't do with that horn is nobody's business. Not only that he's a sweet guy." remarked Brooks.

Shelton & Sophie Tucker
Sophie Tucker became famous in part due to Shelton Brooks. It was Brooks' song "Some of These Days" that first brought Tucker to the limelight. The song became her theme song and she sang it her entire life. It meant so much to her that she announced that she wanted it played at her funeral during a rousing tribute to Brooks on Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the Town" television show.
Shelton & W.C. Handy
Shelton and the "Father of the Blues", W. C. Handy were both songwriters most active in the Teens and Twenties. Handy had his own publishing company in Memphis before moving the business to New York City in the late Teens. Below is an autographed picture Handy sent Brooks in May of 1956.
W. C. Handy

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